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Audio Engineering I - Dr. Paul Bissell
The manual to the class

From the properties of acoustic sound to the mixing board, this text takes a look at the process involved in both recording and live sound applications. Individual aspects are looked at and then combined to take the mystery out of the equation. The book progresses in the most natural way; following the acoustic sound from the source, through the environment, into the microphone where it is converted into an electronic signal, and finally the various paths and connections it may take into the mixer. Surprisingly, that covers an incredible amount of issues all of which must be answered to understand why things are the way they are further down the chain. This text explores certain side-branches of thought, but only far enough to give the reader an idea the path and influences they will have over the sound in the end. For those with previous knowledge in the area of music production, the book is designed to help to tie together the various facts and points into a comprehensive whole.

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