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From the owner, Paul Bissell:

January, 2010 - The more things change, the more they stay the same. I remember when I tried saying this in my best French to Daniel Pancaldi who laughed with a roar. He informed me my version translated to "The rat, the change". I could do better in German I guess. Regardless, this post marks the end of the first phase of Go Fish Music. Starting with just myself and a very few works, I built GFM to a catalog of 21 composers with almost 90 pieces. But as you know, it isn't the numbers, it is the quality. I am very happy to have had the composers I did; I think good composers with good repertoire was the core of the business for the past 10 years or so. I learned a lot in the process. Most of it was good; some not so. After the birth of my first daughter I began to see the writing on the wall - the second daughter was the coup de grace (hey, more French!). Outside of the family, my 'day' job at Del Mar College went 100% music technology. One of my last links to percussion and the concert, performing (as a percussionist) world was cut. This year will mark my formal downsizing; back to the single author company; just me again. The ending of the larger scale of the business has really helped me find the quality time when I see the girls. It feels good.

As an author, I have re-written both the Audio Engineering I and Audio Engineering II textbooks. I have 95% of another Sound on Sound (potential) article which is based on a tutorial I wrote for my students in regards to monitoring effectively using the monitor path (tape returns) with a DAW. Del Mar got some new gear which will help to solidify the education in the new Sound Recording Technology degree. I feel as passionate about my new role as I was in percussion. The venue changes, the love of teaching does not. I guess I'll give this crew as much grief as I gave the percussion students over the past 18 years - EIGHTEEN YEARS! Where did that time go? Actually, through the names and faces of students etched in my memory..I can almost remember every day. Louisiana to Texas - not far, but a world away.

Before you go, I would be amiss if I didn't remind you that Go Fish Music still sells all of my marimba, chamber, ensemble and band works. Order away!


Paul Bissell



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