Hangar 84 Review
Percussive Notes Vol. 37 #1 February 1999

"Tape pieces usually elicit one of two reactions - "that was interesting" or "Wow!" Hangar 84 definitely falls into the latter category for several reasons. First is the well-crafted tape part in this 10 minute work. It provides a sensitive partner to the solo marimbist's score with which it is artfully interwoven, resulting in a tightly knit musical whole. Second, the work captures the listener's attention and never allows it to flag, thanks to its overall formal design which moves from active to static section and from chordal to contrapuntal textures that feature accented sixteenth note figures set in rapid tempi. The writing remains idiomatic throughout, however, and the technical demands should be well within the capabilities of a mature college marimbist.

The publication also attempts to ease the pain of synchronizing the solo part with the tape by including two pages of comprehensive performance notes in addition to the detailed tapes cues printed on the marimba score itself. In fact, the only negative comment one could make about this publication is that it ends with the listener wanting more. - John Raush"
(Publisher's note: The piece is 10 minutes in duration)