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Ravel - Le Tombeau De Couperin


Bissell - The Alabados Song (Marimba and Percussion Ensemble)  

Fernando Sor - Variations on Magic Flute



Bissell - The Butterfly


Bissell - Waltz




The Three Hoaxes:

Piltdown Man (live)  
Cold Fusion  
Sagan "Butthead Astronomer"  
The Darwin Awards  
Best and the Brightest  
The Well  
Swimming with Dolphins  
Bissell - The Alabados Song (for Percussion Ensemble) - complete  
Blue Rondo a La Turk (Del Mar College - rehearsal) mp3


Blue Rondo a La Turk (Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha - rehearsal) mp3
Beethoven OP.18 #1 (LIVE)  
Terra Firma  

Assez Vif


Crimson King-Vmax (excerpt)


(Un)Natural (Dis)Integration (LIVE)  


On Track (excerpt)