Customer/ Professional Testimonials

Your publishing company is OUTSTANDING in every way. Congrats!!!!!!

- Jonathan Hass, New Yokd University, Aspen Music Festival, all around timpani stud

"The Alabados Song" has got to be one of finest marimba solos I have heard
in a very long time. It is extremely well written and is suitable for many
playing situations. The CD accompaniment to "Alabados Song" is also
very exciting to listen to. I can not wait to hear it with the new orchestra

- Lalo Davilla, Middle Tennessee State University

WOW! (Hangar 84)

- Percussive Notes Feb, 1999 The full review can be read here.

The book (Tenor Madness) is great. I Love it!

- James Campbell, Univ. of Kentucky - Cavaliers

I am finally able to hear things I have written. The (marching) samples are a great tool in showing you what works and what doesn't.

-Jason Hughes
Thank you for the excellent work done on the accompaniment tapes I ordered. The tempos are exactly what I wanted and the recordings sound great. Your patience and attention to detail are GREATLY appreciated!

- Kevin Garry Percussionist, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

I really enjoyed your book Tenor Madness. It is good to see a book like yours which has such a broad and thorough range of exercises and examples for all levels of tenor players. Thanks again for the outstanding book.

- Dave Ratliff, Band Director - Russell County High School, Kentucky

You and your book (Tenor Madness) have been a big help. This is the first time in a long time I really have felt confident about my tenor playing (being a snare drummer at heart). I went over our try-out pieces and cadences and I was actually getting through them without having to stop and break it down beat by beat. I wasn't hitting the rims as nearly as much as I was before and my right arm is more relaxed and not hurting at all now.

- Kyle Sandtveit, Clemson University

Your book is Rammin'!!! I love it - Thanks a ton!!!

- Pablo the UnFrench (Paul Brandhagen), Univ. of Washington

The University of Miami percussion ensemble concert was Tues. night with Monster Mudder on the program. The kids were really into it, and the piece was sounding great!

- Keith Aleo, Univ. of Miami, Florida Symphony Orchestra

Thanks for being so prompt on replying about my order! Keep up the great work

- Tommy Thompson,Grenada - Percussion Instructor

I would like to thank you for your great cadences and Tenorbook.

- Dirkjan van Groningen, Instructor Show & Marching Music - The Netherlands

The following organizations, companies, and individuals from various places have used Go Fish Music products.

The Shreveport Symphony, Presser Music Publications, RBC Music Co. Inc.,, Reiman Music, The University of Texas, Notre Dame, The University of Miami, Interlochen Center of the Arts, The University of South Florida, Brigham Young University, Ball State University, The University of New Mexico, Youngstown State University, Greenville State Univ., The Univ. of Indiana, University of Nevada, The Univ. of Nebraska, Univ. of Tenessee, Cal. State, The University of Arkansas - Monticello, Western Connecticut University, Wright Sate University, Monroe Young Troupe, and many more.

Many, many high schools and individuals from all 50 United States, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Denmark, Holland, Mexico and more!