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Archipelago - Paul Bissell Flute and Percussion
Paul Bissell - Percussion Christie Beard - Flute (MP3 available on the Sound Files page)

Simply put, this is great chamber music. Commissioned by the McCormick Duo and performed at PASIC 98 in Orlando, this composition will also appear on their 2nd CD to be released later this year. Lots of interplay and beautiful, virtuosic writing for both instruments. A good, solid piece mixing technical coordinated ensemble passages and lyrical sections. 10 minutes - Score and parts.

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The Three Hoaxes - Paul Bissell Marimba, Clarinet and Cello

Piltdown Man


Cold Fusion


Butthead Astronomer


Emily Zizza - Clarinet,
Paul Bissell - Marimba,
Joe Harchenko - Cello on sound files

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Time to step out on the wild side. Demanding, engaging, expressive and very funky. Featuring superb virtuosic writing for the instruments with a mixture of many diverse influences, this trio works all the players and is a big delight to the audience. A must for advanced college/professional recital.
17 minutes - Score and three performer parts.

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