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Marimba and Tape
The Alabados Song - Paul Bissell Marimba and Tape
- Paul Bissell , marimba on sound file

The Alabados Song is the follow-up to the highly successful Hangar 84. This work for 5.0 octave marimba and tape (supplied compact disc), is a powerful composition. The accompanying tape part contains voices (in Spanish) and follows the imagined supernatural events that accompany an elderly woman's journey into the afterlife. Designed as a quasi-concerto, the marimba part demands confidence and control from the player. Package includes performance score and CD of accompaniment. Can be EASILY done on a Low E marimba with only two notes altered. 10 minutes

Also availible for:
Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
Marimba and Wind Ensemble

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Gotta Rumble - Chick Corea, adaptation: Paul Bissell Marimba and Tape
-Paul Bissell, marimba on sound file
(2 of 12 pages) Video

Gotta Rumble is your chance to step to the front of the stage, put your foot up on the monitor, throw back your hair and wail! Comprised of two classic Chick Corea compositions (Rumble and Got a Match?) this adaptation goes to 11 and is a showcase for two mallets - not to mention an absolute BLAST to play! All the notes are completely written out (the score is 12 pages long, 274 measures) with the chord changes given for those who would like to improvise during the open sections. The compact disc includes the entire piece at three different speeds as well as looped sections to help with improvisation (if desired). Grab the audience by their whammy bar! 5 minutes

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Hangar 84 - Paul Bissell Marimba and Tape
-Paul Bissell, marimba on sound file

(3 of 14 pages)
Hangar 84 is an outstanding composition for 5.0 octave marimba and tape (CD). The aggressive interplay keeps the audience and the performer engaged while allowing ample room for expressive elements. Shows off a player's technique and musicality in a very dynamic fashion. Package includes performance score (with detailed performing notes) and CD of accompaniment. Can be done on low E marimba if needed with minimal alterations. 10 minutes
Click to read a review of Hangar 84

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Solo Marimba
Waltz (on themes by Carcassi) - Paul Bissell Solo Marimba

Paul Bissell, marimba on sound file

Aren't you tired of teaching the same few pieces to novice students. This piece has a lot going for it and will allow the player to SEE chord shapes and inversions and to learn to reach for notes out of the visual range.

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Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum - Claude Debussy , arr. Paul Bissell Solo Marimba

Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum is a faithful arrangement (5 octave marimba) to the spirit of one of Debussy's most charming pieces. Complete with suggested stickings, translated glossary and editor advice, this piece makes a wonderful short opener or encore to any program.

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The Butterfly - Paul Bissell Solo Marimba
- part Paul Bissell, marimba on sound file
The Butterfly is now sold through L.H.Steven's Keyboard Percussion Publications. This piece got a great (non-stock) review in Percussive Notes. One of our favorites. Gordon Stout loves it too!
(Sold by Keyboard Percussion Publications via Steve Weiss Music and The Percussion Specialist)
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